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Resistor color ring color ring resistance table _ Recognition

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Color ring resistance electronic circuit is the most commonly used electronic components, color ring resistance is the resistance of the package in general not painted the same color of the color ring used to distinguish the resistor. To ensure that no matter from what direction to install when you install the resistor, can be clearly read its resistance. The basic unit has a color ring resistance: ohms (Ω), kilohms (KΩ), megohm (MΩ). 1 megohms (MΩ) = 1000 kilohms (KΩ) = 1000000 Europe (Ω).
Color ring resistance normally use can be divided into the City of Victoria and the rings, usually tetracycline. Wherein the tetracycline resistance before the second ring is a number, the third ring represents the resistance multiplied the number of the last part of the error; resistance tricyclic rings before a number, a fourth ring represents the resistance of multiplying the number of the last ring for the error. Error usually gold, silver and brown three colors, gold error is 5%, the error is 10% silver, brown error is 1%, colorless error is 20%, in addition to the occasional green ghostwriter error green error is 0.5%. Precision resistors typically used in military, aerospace and other aspects. Color ring resistance at the earliest in order to help people distinguish between resistance, color ring resistance is relatively large because, in today's highly integrated, the color ring resistance has been used relatively less.


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