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I Yao teng Hui Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional development and design of metal molds, plastic mold , die casting mold set production and development of integrated enterprise , specializing in producing all kinds of potentiometer, potentiometer knobs, switches , encoders, resistors , variable resistors manufacturing providers complete product specifications , quality assurance , timely delivery , good service , short development cycle . Our products are widely used in various household appliances , automotive electronics, sensors, medical equipment , teaching equipment, tuning speed dimming , instrumentation , electronic toys , games and communications equipment and other products.
Company has consistently uphold progressive, pragmatic and innovative spirit , moral honesty , credit , equity , enthusiastic life style , and is committed to strong technical design and development of new products after years of efforts to standardize management, advanced production and testing equipment , our products with high quality positioning , the key of the original parts are made ​​of high quality and imported raw materials, product quality in line with the Japanese JIS standards and international standards. Our products are not only the best better , customer satisfaction is our pursuit.
Our efforts need your trust and support, we would like to dedicate sincere , make best efforts, and strive to become your good partner .
And welcomes foreign businessmen to samples and drawings, development, design , develop new products , improve market competitiveness together and win more business opportunities. Our long-term undertaking subcontract , agents or development of new products and other services.


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